DETAILS: Hello there, I’m Rakulan and I am studying A2 Media (this actually being my fourth year studying Media including GCSE). . From blockbuster films to short expressive films, what’s there not to like about media?. Last year we were issued with a brief to make a thriller opening lasting around three minutes. STRUGGLE! (sort of).

TASK: Thankfully they have extended the duration of our A2 film task to 5 minutes. However, we are required to make a full feature film. The complexities of this are endless. How can we make a 5 minute film that makes sense?! Can a 5 minute film actually entertain viewers? These are the challenges us students are going to face and what an eventful year it will be.

BACKGROUND INFO: I have actually watched a few short films and I have always found it remarkable how 300 seconds of video could be so appealing. In fact during the NCS challenge two years ago, we made a very short documentary in a homeless shelter. We had to film their surroundings, interview the staff and residents. A challenge we was afraid of for several reasons but in turn, a great experience and this was beautifully videoed but the final edit is not retrievable 😦 Rak city -Behind the scenes of my media project last year

LAST YEAR: As I have mentioned, we were issued with the task of making a thriller opening last year. the final product was average and now watching it back, I can see all the errors. Teamwork is crucial and this was not present during last years work. This year I am working with Molly and Nabeela who were in the other class last year. I am certain that our final product will be great!

I will be posting my thoughts, work pieces and so much more so I hope you will find my blog interesting!


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