Our homework task this week was to translate an article, story or any source, into a storyboard form. We had to use our initiative to create an interesting story, whilst still using our source as the foundation for the story. Seeing as I am a frequent daily mail reader, I decided I would use an article from it’s online site. I came across an article suggesting that saturated fats is actually not as bad as it seems and can in fact slim you down. The word ‘slim’ just approached my thoughts and I immediately knew I would base the story on a wrecked diet tale. I decided to make it comical as dieting is seen as a serious topic and it would be interesting to put some light on to it.

I thought that I would use a woman as the primary character as a female character and dieting can be explored in such humorous ways. I chose an alternative ending as I did not want the tale to be predictive. The ending was supposedly meant to be a pleasant ending but the character’s facial expressions shows otherwise. It’s as if she is always doomed. The readers can assume she would rather remain in the hospital for a week, rather than return there in 9 months. I created this storyboard again using https://www.storyboardthat.com/storyboard-creator

article      – THE ARTICLE



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