A few lessons ago we were assigned the task of picking two objects and creating a short storyboard  around them. We had to pick two objects from ‘the special media box’ and I immediately grabbed a small hour glass (two minute glass) and a Buddha statue. For some reason, it appealed to me and I believe that this was due to the mystical aspects of it. I linked the hour glass to time travelling and felt It would be interesting to incorporate the Chinese culture to it. I assume I chose the main character to be a teenage girl because it would be simple to base the story from the perspective of a character our age. However, we wanted to make it interesting by including the chinese culture and simply exploring the relationship of a teenage girl who lives with just her father.

big talk productions

big talk productions


Just as I finished my storyboard I realised that I had subconsciously taken inspiration from an episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures. During the episode a female teenager went home to find her father turned into stone by a descendant of Medusa :’D . She races to the place where the protagonist was and uses a talisman to revert her father back to normal.




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