Intertexuality – It is an idea that only text( which is anything that can be read or seen in the case of movies) has been influenced and shaped by texts that have come before it.

intertextuality  creativity graph

^ Above is a series of images I have found from Google that I put together to illustrate intertexulaity being used as a form of inspiration. The “Shrek” franchises takes a satirical approach on well known Disney tales. Above showcases various Disney princesses and they are almost made to look not as attractive as the original characters. They are also boisterous which contrasts with the delicate, humble characteristics of the original characters. This was intentionally done to create a sense of comedy

The “Simpsons” promotion picture is an almost replica of the infamous Beatles picture ( excluding the yellow skin). It’s quite a contrast for The Simpsons typical promotional photos, as usually they typically portray  comical and child like references that the cartoon is well loved for. In this picture the characters do not only imitate The Beatles in choice of clothing but facial expressions also. The family appear to have very stern looks across their faces. Perhaps this was intentional as they wanted to attract an older audience that could of once been seen as a niche to them.

Similarly to The Simpsons, the Family Guy photo shares a lot of similarities to the right picture. The Family Guy picture is showing to put a twist on the iconic Star Wars image. Family Guy’s intention was to provide entertainment for their fans as fans will know that despite Stewie being a baby, he is the most mature character, so it’s quite humorous but logical (in Family Guy land) for the mature baby to be playing the Dark Vader.

How I might use the concept of intertexuality in my film?

Intertexuality is taking inspiration from various media sources and taking certain aspects of it and including it in your film. I believe this is my forte because I watch so much television and TV series. Even when thinking of ideas for the film, I realised that I have seen something similar to this elsewhere and I would trace it back to something I had watched or seen. In my film, I might make a ‘special moment’ visual reference to a media source that the audience would immediately be able to identify. For example, the iconic scene of the wins in “The Omen”, was actually based off a well known photograph. twins

I might also take a well known story or character and modernise in such a way that the audience will see something refreshing. For example, many films have been based off real life terrorist acts and it’s become quite repetitive with the narratives. I think if you are using a source of inspiration, you have to alter it in a way that the context in which it was used differs. For example, two twins being used in a pleasant photograph has been changed to make it seem frightening.


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