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After deciding our near final film idea (minor alterations may be made), the next obvious step was to come up with a film title. On this day, something hit me and I felt to include a word that has “red” in it. It was the perfect reference. Here are some examples of film titles we came up with:

  • RED Sight
  • BewildeREDness
  • REDemption.
  • REDemption : A Hooded Tale (another cheeky reference and also a term that could be interpreted as illusion)
  • Redemption : A Tale Untold

We  searched for words on Google that included “red” in them. After much searching, we discovered that the word red would have to flow off your tongue in a way that you will immediately acknowledge the including of red in the title.


We decided with “Redemption” but felt to include another part to it, something to make it seem apparent that is related to a fairy tale. Tale Untold was perfect as “Little Red Riding Hood” it self is a fairy tale. Tale Untold can insinuate that our version of the film is the untold, darker, true version.  We also got rid off the idea of naming it “Redemption: A Hooded Tale” as the second part would be generally too complex to understand so perhaps a slightly more straightforward title would be appropriate. Without further ado, our film title is “Redemption: A Hooded Tale”.

You must be questioning what redemption has to do with our film. Well the actual definition of redemption is  redemption. In terms our film, the evil is the wolf related character Rak, and it is Emily(Red related character) who is in need of saving after being raped and left to dead by him. A jogger who is running through the forest (acts as the woodcutter and the saviour also). We actually want the film to open with a clinging scene in which Emily(dressed as Red Riding Hood) would actually define redemption to the audience. The titles would dramatically appear after this and then onto the normalcy scenes in which Emily and Rak interact and then onto Emily’s fixation of mind scenes in the forest. There will be a voice-over of Emily throughout most of the forest. In the final scene, Emily will directly say to the jogger, “save me”. This relates to the definition in the beginning and almost imitates a typical narrative with the start, beginning and end. There will also be a slow pan to Emily’s phone on the floor and the audience will be able to see that her sick grandmother is calling her.

film title

^ This is an example of how I would want my film title to be. The whole screen would be black and there will be two contrasting colours against it. We are thinking of highlighting the “red” in red just to create a reference to the original folk-tale and also to make it more engaging than just plain white and black.


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