Buzz Feed videos is a channel I had subscribed to earlier this year. They provide the most simple, informative yet comical videos. With over 3,000,000 million subscribers it is not a MYSTERY (;P) as to why they are so popular. I came across this video instructing office clerks how not to be that creepy office dude. In this video, I noticed how socially awkward the character is. Every time he appears on the screen, it’s just cringe central. What I discovered about this creepy character is that he has not adapted to societies norms. He says things out of context, which is also inappropriate. He in invasive of other’s privacy. I am thinking of making Rak engage in body contact with Emily, in a creepy manner (pre the post rape scene) – CONFUSING!.

creep 2creep 1

I’m sorry but I had to include these funny memes I found of creepy men on the internet :’D. They are however, quite informative as they provide me with an image of how a creep should look like. It is apparent that hairstyle  is an essential characterization of making an individual appear like a creep. The man on the left tried to create a comb over look with his remaining hair strands. He also has quite a lot of facial appear, which makes his appear more creepy and less of a friendly man. By looking at this in a subjective manner, it can be seen as a hopeless romantic trying to abide by societies expectations of a hunk, to lure a love interest.

The second man shows many signs of a creep. His mannerisms exude a whiff of creepiness. Again, hair appears to a be subject of creepy land. This man has long, unruly hair which can be attractive but his just makes him appear even more bizarre looking, like a man scientist that has been locked away for years.  It also takes away from the masculinity he is trying to portray. The facial expressions of both these men is another reason for their creepy appearance. Both of their eyes makes me feel uncomfortable. The man on the right has bulging eyes which gives the impression that he is staring at every bit of you. We might include close up shots of Rak just gazing into Emily, in the least romantic way… ever!

I was trying to think of a creepy character from a TV show or film and I thought of T-Bag from Prison Break. If memory serves correct, T-Bag was a paedophile.  This immediately made feel uncomfortable in each scene he was in. He had a very dark and cold persona to him which was quite scary. I want to show Rak possibly spying at Emily so the audience can feel uncomfortable at all his next sightings.

creep ikwje



saturated colours

saturated colours





red coat



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