I can finally say that I have completed my media blog and my media coursework. In my four years of studying media at high school/ sixth form, this certainly has to be my favourite. I remember when the year started and Molly Ann didn’t have the highest hopes, I knew then we had to produce a good short film (and that I think we did?). Last year was a bit of shambles in terms of dedication and group work but this year around group work was key to our success. We had so many episodes where we had to refilm, but thanks to my group partners and my dear friend Emily we were able to film a lot of footage. We came across a photography loving couple in the middle of the night who said they wanted to help us with the lighting (it wasn’t the creepiest thing) and by listening to their advice, we were able to use the flash of my phone (when in camera mode) as an extra source of lighting. This year we used our initiative, friendship and hearts in creating a good product. I hope you able to deal with my dramatic use of capitals in 98% of the blog posts. Thank you !


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